11×14 Signed Photo

Another autograph. Its my guilty pleasure of collecting. I really have more than I should ever want or need. This one was obtained in person and then certified with PSA/DNA.


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IDW Signed comics

IDW comics.  Collecting at least one issue per release. I think issue #1 is the only one I have a few variation covers. Not bothering to collect variants after issue 1 until the series ends. Not even sure if I care for the story, yet.   Below is the Convention variant and cover issue A signed by all.

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Production Set of Season 6 Scripts

Another long gap from my last post. Not really collecting much. I have a few things here and there but as usual I’ll only post some of my favorites or most interesting on here. I have a large collection of scripts  but never have I’ve obtained such a large complete set of production used scripts before. These have been obtained by a former art production assistant that includes all the episodes from Season 6 with all their various revisions which are marked by colored pages.

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Dark Horse Comics: Abducted Smoking Alien

Its been quite a while since I posted anything on this page. What can I say? Life.  Since my last post I’ve collected a few bits and pieces but nothing worth your time viewing (i.e. autographs, again). However, one thing I’m truly happy to finally obtain and cross off the “wishlist”…Dark Horse “Abducted Smoking Alien”. I think its a pretty cool statue and one i’ve always wanted but never wanted to spend the money on. When a bargin comes up–you must grab it! Anyways, here is a photo that I took a while back when I first obtained it and posted on XFMF.


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SA-YES T-shirt

The backside has been signed by Gillian Anderson (no photo)
SA-YES Shirt

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