Hello world!

Welcome to my personal page to showcase my X-Files Memorabilia Collection. I am a bit of a dork who originally had a display page up on my former domain, crunk-a-licious(dot)net, that I had pretty much  neglected but my inner nerd pride wants to try again. Hopefully, I’ll keep it up.

If you are interested in seeing/hearing more about my collection or you have a collection of your own, I highly recommend you visting my message forum, XFMF, to post & discuss all things related to The X-Files merchandise.

Update 09/23/17

Well, photo bucket has a new business direction that’s pretty much affecting all of the web as well as this site. Due to this, I’ve decided its not worth trying to recover and upload all the old photos from years ago. I’m going to work on simplifying this page.

Need help?
In the past I have handfuls of folks ask me for information on items they have including determining values. I am always happy to help with item information, however, I really cannot offer a true opinion of value. Value for X-Files items varies depending on market timing. I can definitely tell you what’s fair game but really the best thing I can offer to anyone is that the value is whatever someone is willing to pay for it. Need another opinion? Feel free to post on XFMF.

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